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This interactive will focus on advanced surgical techniques for surgeons wanting to increase their knowledge and technical skills for performing operative hysteroscopy procedures. Participants will hear didactic presentations, which focus on critical procedural steps, clinical pearls, and instrumentation necessary to perform hysteroscopic tissue resection. A hands-on simulation lab will provide participants with the opportunity to experience wet lab training on operative hysteroscopy techniques.

Applied Medical

Applied Medical invites Advanced Laparoscopic Gynaecologists wishing to explore single incision adnexal surgery utilizing the GelSeal® Advanced Access Platforms in combination with the Voyant® Intelligent Energy System, the only advanced bipolar system with the ability to learn from live, human tissue.

Single port gynaecological surgery can provide inherent benefits to patients including improved patient satisfaction, superior cosmesis, fewer port-site complications, reduced post-operative pain and decreased morbidity. The GelPoint® platforms also facilitate simple and complex specimen retrieval through an existing, protected incision.

Advanced skills in performing single port surgery, when coupled with knowledge and experience with laparoscopic and vaginal surgery may also help gynaecologists transcend the learning curve for Vaginal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (vNOTES).


  • Dr Supuni Kapurubandara
  • Dr Tom Manley

Stryker’s interactive hub will rotate through two stations to empower end educate surgeons.

Station 1
Empower surgeons with troubleshooting tips and tricks for the most common problems faced during surgery that result in poor quality images. We’ll address why problems occur, how to fix them and what you can do to prevent issues occurring before they happen.

Station 2
Educate surgeons on the effective placement of ureteric stents to minimise the risk of ureteric injuries in complex gynaecology procedures.

Avant Mutual

Session 1
Are your staff an asset or a liability?

How to get compliance and be confident it continues.

Your patients’ relationship is not just with you; it is with your practice.

Education is mandatory for practitioners but our support staff sometimes put doctors at risk because YOU don’t know what THEY don’t know or what they are NOT doing.

Administration training is sometimes not available, not appropriate or too expensive

This session shows you how to ensure you have the right framework and that your team are compliant even when you are not watching. It is about getting your patients to believe you are a highly functional team. Your patients will feel safe and trust your practice to manage them properly. It helps build practice credibility.

Session 2

  • Do your finances need surgery?
  • How do your finances stack up? Do you spend all that you earn or do you have any money left over each month for savings or investing?
  • A budget is designed to help you identify your spending habits and monitor and manage your cashflow.

This session will explore how to set and manage a budget to ensure all your hard-earned money goes the mile.  To help you develop strategies to plan for the things you want to achieve such as starting your practice, growing your practice, to manage the build-up phase of your practice, ensuring your children attend the schools you want and to own the house of your dreams.

We will work through some examples of key expense areas and how to manage these.

Session 3
Whoops, my business name expired! - Keeping on top of documentation in health care is exhausting. We must ensure everything is in place and nothing gets forgotten.

Current and appropriate documentation is imperative; Professional registration, criminal checks, insurances, equipment maintenance, business registration, contracts, asset registers, agreements, leases and the list goes on.

Where is this in your practices? Who manages it? How do you know it is current? When was the last review done?

Learn how to keep everything together in one accessible spot with the ability to have reminders set up so you know in advance when something is due.

Session 4
I’ve got a surplus.  Now what?

If your budget points to there being surplus income left over each month, it helps to have a plan for these savings – otherwise, you may be tempted to splurge on things you don’t need and any surplus income will just slip through your fingers.

There are many ways you can use your surplus income to accumulate wealth and save. Most importantly though is to have a plan and stick to it. Small regular investments can add up to large saving over the long term.

This session will show you the different ways you can invest your surplus, or use them to help grow your wealth. Things to consider could include helping towards starting your own practice, helping you through the build-up phase of your practice until you are established, and how to protect your practice if you’re the key person.


Participants will be guided through the steps of the NovaSure procedure, paying particular attention to the device seating technique, while for MyoSure, the focus will be upon tips and techniques, and troubleshooting.

Both procedures will be facilitated by experienced faculty, utilising dedicated simulator units.

Faculty will also present and discuss challenging and unique cases.

Johnson & Johnson

The Johnson & Johnson interactive hub will be a hands-on workshop designed to offer you an understanding of why bleeding matters and why the correct choice of energy device and suture can impact patient outcomes.

There will be a focus on access and repair, specifically on ensuring that the techniques and product selection permit the best possible clinical result.

Then our hub will be addressing haemostasis, closure by tissue layer and infection prevention, again focussing on technique and the correct choice of product.

This hub is designed with you in mind, allowing for a knowledge transfer which will enhance your skillset.

Dr Haider Najjar


This interactive workshop will focus on practical surgical skills training for Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. Our faculty will guide you through four major pressure points experienced during the TLH:

  • Tissue dissection
  • Vessel sealing
  • Colpotomy
  • Vault closure

With only two spaces available per training station, this workshop will ensure that each attendee receives maximum hands-on experience and personalised faculty instruction.


Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) places special demands on the medical training and further education of surgeons. KARL STORZ, one of the leading manufacturers in the MIS sector, is committed to providing its customers with optimum support for medical training and further education.

The KARL STORZ interactive hub will elaborate on the theme of the AGES Conference for 2020 ‘Foundations and the Future’ by combining foundational skills training with cutting edge technology.

  1. Suturing – Facilitators will demonstrate both intracorporeal and extracorporeal knot tying with time to practice and improve your skillset. Two suturing stations will be offered due to popular demand – 3D and 2D.
  2. Intrauterine BIGATTI Shaver – Facilitators will demonstrate an alternative approach to operative hysteroscopy.
  3. GynTrainer – Virtual Reality Simulator for Hysteroscopy.
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